Volunteer with FOCCAS

Join us in making a life better of the many unwanted and unfortunate animals of our community!

FOCCAS has a wide variety of areas where someone can volunteer. We  always need extra hands at the Pony Village Mall on Saturday's to help  with walking the pets, giving vaccinations, helping with adoption  paperwork, and even just talking to the many people that have stories or  questions about our program.

OUR MAJOR NEED IS FOSTER HOME..We also have a huge need for more foster homes. We are limited  on how many animals we can take into the program and more foster homes  means we can help more animals find their forever homes or get the care  they need. We will talk with you to learn what animal size and type  would be best for your busy, or not-so-busy home. Animals come in all  shapes, sizes, and breeds and we want to make sure that you are  comfortable. Keep in mind that we never know what we will get, and even  after all these years we are sometimes surprised. It's a very rewarding  way to help.

We could always use more donations! If you have a knack for  raising money for charities, we would enjoy having you! Many hands  create for light work, and sometimes we have the best intentions, but  not enough hands to get the job done.

If you would like to help keep the program going in another way, please let us know.